Here’s my quick summary:

1) KTM 690. Comfy, big, great motor. Felt like way too much bike for the track, but would be my pick for a street bike. Typical swanky euro fit and finish, great bike just too big for the track. It had pilot pures on it from what I remember which wasn’t helping anything!

2) Husaberg 570. By far the best handling supermoto (other than a yz125sm) that I’ve ever ridden. This bike was the most fun to take a turn on, and was in the most need of set up. First off, that 570 felt slower to me than a crf450. Proper gearing and uncorking would go a long way. Also the rear was chattering like crazy, probably from too much rebound. regardless the bike felt really small, and was one of my favorites from the day. Still wouldn’t buy one though.

3) DRZ400sm. my bike, stock, which is a shame because you can really feel the un-corking of these when you get em on the track. Ie I often wheelie uncorked drz’s coming out of the turns but never on mine. The bike has over all good power, but not race power. Very comfortable, very forgiving, and easy to go semi fast on. Absolutely bullet/crash proof which some simple protection mods. These are by far the best bikes for the purposes of the school. Smooth, reliable, easy.

4) WR250x. if they made a wr450x we’d have a winner, but they don’t. This bike handles better than the drz, is randomly tall, but feels very light and nimble. I like the skinny feel of it. After getting used to monsters like the ktm and ape550, it felt like a 5 min wait going from corner to corner on this bike. Sprung soft but easy to back it in. (Favorite part of the vid was diego sliding it in chest footage)

5) Aprillia 550sxv. I rode this bike before and didn’t really dig it. That’s because it has to be ridden hard or it doesn’t feel right. Once I got less scared of crashing the swanky bike, and pushed it more, the better it felt. Engine gets rated as OMG. Shifting into fith gear your flying, handlebars light and shaking, scenery blurring, next corner coming up fast. Handled well, braked well. Just did everything well, and sounds even better doing it. I’d never own one for the street, but it seemed to be everyones favorite racer

6) Husky 450. These are my favorite out of the box street legal supermoto bikes. Hard to put into words, they just feel right. It’s easy to get way up on the front of them, and they’re comfy to ride hard. I can’t remember if it had a slipper, I just remember good power, easy to ride, reallly wide bars which felt good, This is the bike that I’d feel the most comfortable on racing.

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