If I am totally honest, I’ve become a bit numb to riders dying. I’ve been reading about it every week going on 20 years. Sometimes it’s a result of bad luck, absurd drivers, or lack of rider skill. We do not continue to ride out of ignorance. We are keenly aware of the risks. But for many of us the risk/reward ratio of riding canyons no longer seems to make sense, especially when there is an alternative which is fun, much safer, and more exciting. In Shane’s words:

“Apex is only an hour away from SD county (hour and 15 from my house)
Adams is only 20 minutes further.

Apex Racing Center (Sumo/Mini) All day riding $38
Adams Motorsport Park (Sumo/Mini) All day riding $15-$45

STTARS hosts racing events at Apex and your first race class is only $60. Additional classes are only $20. This includes practice. Each race class has (2) races. They do give out medals that you can take home if you podium. No membership fees required.

Apex also hosts FUN races. These are $38 to practice all day. Signing up to race is free and optional. They do give out trophies that you can take home if you podium. No membership fees required.

Random facts about Supermoto and mini riding:

Fact: You may already know someone who rides at these tracks.

Fact: Famous road racers (Moto GP/WSBK/AMA) have been known to frequent these exact race tracks. You may actually see them there. Ever wanted to ride with a pro?

Fact: Many racers have spare bikes to let new riders try out.

Fact: You don’t have to try to dirt sections if you’re not comfortable with dirt.

Fact: You GET TO TRY OUT THE DIRT SECTION if you’ve never tried it!

Fact: It’s possible to go an entire season on one set of tires with a Sumo or Mini, depending on how many events you go to.

Fact: Both style bikes can burn less than a couple gallons of gas the entire day.

Fact: Minimoto riding is a great way to learn corner speed without the life threatening speeds of a road racing bike. Minis are the best stepping stone to learn your race craft before you step up to a full sized bike and bang bars with the sumo racers.

Fact: Supermoto is a great way to learn bike control and quick cornering techniques that translate into riding a sportbike more confidently. Sumos are also a ton of fun and let you get away with damn near anything on two wheels while providing opportunities for hooliganistic wheelies and catching some fresh air off a jump.

Fact: You can use your knee out technique while riding Sumo or Mini. You can also learn totally new styles of riding that will translate into making you a better rider on the street. Think of it as expanding your vocabulary in the language of motorcycling.

Fact: Some supermotos are street legal.

Fact: Supermotos and minis are easy to work on.

Fact: Parts and upgrades can be had without breaking the bank.

Fact: You can have a competitive bike without spending a fortune.

Fact: Lowsiding a dirtbike = $0 in damage
Lowsiding a sportbike = Broken Piggy Bank

Fact: Cost of doing a sportbike trackday can cost over $500 after you factor in all of your expenses and travel time. Racing a sportbike for a race weekend can cost $1,000 or more.

Fact: Racing a Supermoto/mini can be done for less than $100. Some race events are as cheap as $38.

Fact: Kart tracks provide all of the excitement of a full course without having to commit to triple digit speeds

Fact: You can ride all day at any one of these tracks and still be home for dinner.

Fact: No one is going to arrest you for speeding on the track. In fact, you may even get a trophy!

There is a pretty tight knit group for both the minimoto and the supermoto crowd that are here in San Diego. We are always willing to bring new riders into the fold. If you’re not sure if you will even like this style of riding, you can find folks that will let you try out their bikes. If you want instruction, SoCal Supermoto offers a class that provides the bike.

Racers are not aliens. We are just street riders who wanted to go faster without getting arrested. We WANT you to come ride with us. We want you guys to come out and have fun with us. If it sounds like we’re preaching, it’s only because we love what we do and there’s no other way to explain it other than to have you try it. Some of the best times we’ve had at the track are actually had in the pits. Bench racing and bar-b-qing are just as rewarding and griding up with your opponents. Come try it out. Post up if you want to try. Contact Brian Murray if you want to try a school. Message me if you want to try a mini. Hell, just post up if you want more information. You guys want answers and solutions to getting your go-fast fix? Here it is. Come ride with us.
- Shane Liberty

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