Or everything you wanted to know about your first trackday but were afraid to ask:

Will the other kids be nice to me?
The supermoto track is a bizare happy place where newbies, pros, trackday regulars hang out, give out free advice, smack talk, and sit in crappy chairs kickin back between sessions. Nobody cares if you’re fast, slow, fat, about your political leanings, race, wether you have any money, etc. It really is this strange moto utopia, where for the most part everyone gets along extremely well. Be humble, smile, ask questions, and you’ll make friends.

What if I’m slow?

What if I’m fast?
You’re not. And that’s ok, just ride within your ability level.

Will I get killed?
Maybe. There’s a obvious inherent risk anytime you ride fast on a motorcycle. But with no oncoming traffic, guard rails, gravel, cliffs, cops, squids, cars, etc, riding your motorcycle here is safer than anywhere else.

What if I get in people’s way?
You won’t. Or you shouldn’t. Your responsibility is not to be fast, or slow, or to get out of peoples way. YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY IS TO HOLD YOUR LINE AND BE AS PREDICTABLE AS POSSIBLE. Never turn your head to see who’s behind you, and never swerve to let someone by. By trying to get out of someone’s way you may be swerving into someone who is passing both of you. Having loud scary motorcycles on your back wheel can make you feel anxious, but the rider behind you isn’t anxious. They’re likely just waiting for a safe spot to pass, and we’ll likely pass you exiting the turn…..on one wheel…..crossed up, you know, to help inspire you. Just look where you’re going and ride your own pace!


What if I crash?
We’ll pick you up. But you shouldn’t crash. I rode supermoto for 6 months before I ever crashed. You don’t need to go down to “find the limit”. These bikes will let you know what you’re doing right and wrong. Pushing the front or rear, having the suspension load/unload quick, or dragging pegs your first day, are all warning signs that you are about to crash. Pay attention to them. Someone on the track is going faster than you without any of those issues, so listen to your instructor and work on technique and the speed will come.

What should I bring?
To our trackdays: 3x more water than you think you’ll need, and food. Gear that includes: armor on your knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbows (leather, textile or mx), boots (street or dirt), full face helmet (street or dirt). I prefer 1pc Vanson supermoto leathers with mx boots, neck brace, and mx helmet.

What’s the order of things?
We do 15 on/off with the go karts. The rental karts “arrive and race” will be additional groups. At the end of the day you’ll be exhausted and have more tracktime than you can handle. General order of things:
Riders meeting: Track safety and intro to supermoto
Slow lead/follow around the track.
Open practice with instruction in the pits while the karts are out
1pm-ish: Dirt school talk, and opening up the dirt section.
More open practice, instruction, and photo sessions (don’t try to show off and crash!)
4-5pm, pack it up, crack a beer.

Will I learn how to back it in?
Maybe. Sliding in, when done correctly is a side effect of speed, not the means to achieve it. Brake late, countersteer hard, and you’ll start drifting out the rear. In regards to “trying to back it in”, just remember that the instructions on how to back it in, and how to highside, are identical.

How do I get started?
Funny you should ask, I just happen to know of a supermoto school. Use the buy now button at www.socalsupermoto.com, and we’ll see you at the track!!!!

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  1. Carlos V says:

    Brian, you couldn’t say it better !!!
    For advanced riders, respect the newbies, You where there no so long ago.
    If you wear yellow outfit and do wheelies, you are not a pro, you are a clown !!!

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