Full disclosure: We’re proud to have Vanson as a sponsor of our supermoto school. But, as always, we promise to give it to you straight when it comes to reviews.


I’ve used the Vanson sm suit for a few years now (old review when it was new and purty). I went down it at about 65mph a few months back and damn near nothing happened to it. It’s pretty much my work uniform and I absolutely love it. Cool, flexible, super protective and I forget that I’m wearing it. In other words, everything you want in a track suit.

So I asked Vanson to make me a full perf jacket that I could use for trips back and forth to the dmv for the dmv test bike, doing lessons, and just general around town hooliginism. Here’s the lowdown on a 0-10 scale.

Quality: 10
Even with semi routine crashing, this thing will outlast you, your kids, and your grandkids. They mean it when they say “heirloom quality.” The jacket is handstitched and looks it which I think adds to it’s character. Just hold this thing in your hands and it is obvious it will last forever.


Style: 10/0
I think it’s a 10. Maybe you hate it, but then you can get whatever you want being that it’s custom. I wanted it to look like the motorcycle team sweaters from the forties and got it. Being a Vanson, it won’t look dated ten years from now like a astars/dainese/icon jacket will. They make jackets that’ll last forever and pretty much look the same in terms of style ten years from now as it looks today.

Protection: 9
It’ll save your skin/won’t rip apart. The armor is beefy and where it needs to be including the back protector. Personally I’d love to see some chest protection built into jackets the way back protectors have become the norm. Yeah I know I can put one on but but having it integrated would make me a lot more likely to use it.

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Comfort: 5 (will become 10)
That is what is awesome/kinda frustrating about Vansons: When new it’s like having a part time job trying to break the thing in. Frankly, damn near anything off the shelf will be much more comfortable. However after they break in they feel absolutely glorious. For all the features in the world there is nothing that makes you feel as good as a custom fit leather proper motorcycle jacket. Nothing.

Breathability: 10
The full perf works so well it almost works too well. If there is any clouds at all you’ll tend to get a little chilly. Anything 70-100 is where the jacket really shines. This is the reason I got the jacket and it works perfectly.

Versatility: 2
It’s got a nice inside pocket which is why it didn’t get 1. A full perf leather jacket is a one trick pony, which is why you buy it. Even in mild San Diego you wouldn’t want this as your only moto jacket. It does one thing exceptionally well, and that is works as a proper motorcycle jacket to be worn when it is Sunny and 75-100 degrees out. It gives you the feelling of wearing nothing/feeling of being fully protected like nothing else can. When the sun is out, the way the breeze blasts through this jacket feels amazing without any compromise at all in protection.


Summary: At our supermoto school on the last session I tell my students to just go out and ride. Slow down and don’t worry about what we went over that day. Don’t worry about air pressures, lines, laptimes, apexes, throttle inputs, etc. Just back it off a bit and go ride and remember why you started riding to begin with: because it feels great to just go down the road on a motorbike. If you want that feeling, and the sun is out, this jacket is the perfect companion for that. I’ve used it at the track and it worked exceptional, but I’ll save my 1pc for the track thrashings. Around town on any remotely nice day I find myself leaving my 3/4 lenth revit jacket at home and grabbing the new Vanson everytime. It is like having a new moto friend. You can order up your own custom Vanson here.


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