Tire review: Bridgestone bt003rs.
We rode a new set of bt003rs 150/120 at both grange and adams for supermoto trackdays. Intermediate rider (slow fast guy, or fast slow guy), pretty much bone stock drz. 23psi front and rear.


Price. Dirt cheap. $90 for a front, $108 for a 150 rear.

Grip: At peg grinding angles, I never remember losing the front. Despite this I never had a ton of confidence in the tires due the fact that they felt like a hard tire. I chalking this up to a pretty soft compound but a well known stiff carcuss to the tire. This isn’t a issue once you just start trusting the tire. For the price there was plenty of grip.

Wear: Only used for two trackdays, but at the end of those days the tires show virtually no wear suggesting a very long lasting tire. The smooth slick track at grange never really does much to tires wear wise, but the grippy rough adams surface is a different story. Still the tires look pretty new, no heat cycle coloration or anything

Slide: this was my favorite part of this tire. Unlike distanzias or pilot powers, these have a very predictable slide. To the point that I’d experiment with sliding the rear on exits intentionally, something I don’t usually feel all that confident with.

Heat up: Seemed to heat up quick, and never overheat. ie ideal for the agressive street sport riding it was made for. However they never get real hot and goey like a tracktire. This tire doesn’t roll into the pits with rocks sticking to it, nor does it overheat and start getting oily on you. If I dropped the pressure to get more heat into them they didn’t feel right, ie loud screeching on sliding into turns. 23-34psi showed the best results on the sm.

In the dirt: does it really matter what tire you have in the dirt section?

Feel: Now this is totally subjective. I like a really twitchy v profile tire. My objective was to get one set of these and one set of 2ct’s and compare but everyone was out of the michelin’s. These have a very round profile so they’re very stable (yawn). At cruising speeds this results in the bike trying to stand itself up around turns, which is less noticeable when at a faster pace. Personally the weakest part of my riding is the transition from the brakes into the turn, and a v profile tire seems to get the bike turned in much faster. I love a bike that flops over, stays there, and even requires some input to get it to stand back up. Just seems to make the bike feel so much lighter. This is definitly not the case with the very stable/predictable bt003’s. If you like a sticky and stable tire, here ya go.

Overall: Amazing tire for the money, good grip, good value. Next time I’ll experiment with something a bit more race oriented, like the michelin power ones, which at the time are just way to expensive for our use of the tires. No regret’s buying these. I’ll be racing on em at Qualcom, we’ll see how they (I) do!

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