I saw this guy on a f2 come flying into an intersection through the yellow light, clutch pulled in, wearing shorts, nazi spike half helmet. You know the type.

When I give lessons I stand around a lot. And when some rider comes cruising by I always watch them take the turn next to the lot I use. The vast majority of riders pull in their clutch when they take the tight right hander turn. So the tip of the day is get your hand off the clutch! Motorcycles are happy when the engine is engaged with the rear tire. The bike is more stable. Picture cruising down the freeway at 70mph. Now pull in the clutch. You’ll notice the bike feels much less stable, and if it’s one thing you want in a turn it’s stability. For your corner entry, part of “in slow out fast is” is getting your shifting and your braking done in a straight line before the turn, not in it. So if you find your self grabbing for brakes in the turn, or pulling in the clutch, start working on in slow out fast, and getting the bike sorted before the turn, not in it.